Bamboo wood fiber integrated wallboard is beautiful and convenient for construction
Origin of bamboo wood fiber wall panel: bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient construction, environmental protection, health and no formaldehyde release. It is a better wall decoration ceiling product instead of cement paint, diatom mud and wallpaper.8 advantages of bamboo wood fiber wall protection board: 1 Green and environment-friendly "0" formaldehyde (there is no peculiar smell in the room after installation and "0" formaldehyde is released to ensure the health of the family's living environment.), 2. Fire prevention and moisture-proof...
Engineering case
Eight advantages of bamboo wood fiber wall protection board
The biggest advantage: livable + effect
Green environmental protection "0" formaldehyde

After installation, the room has no peculiar smell and "0" formaldehyde release, so as to ensure the health of the family's living environment.

Fire and moisture-proof, safe and worry-free

The requirements of fire prevention and flame retardancy are fully considered in the product design, and there is no combustion supporting or open fire; At the same time, the product is completely waterproof and moisture-proof.

heat preservation
heat insulation

Its own ventilation holes, coupled with its unique shape design, can effectively block the transmission of indoor and outdoor temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer

Versatile styling

The design of the product can be designed and matched by the owner according to the actual decoration style, and play with the DIY of wall decoration to realize the personalized customization of wall decoration.

Easy to clean

Children can clean up quickly and easily by writing and drawing on the wall

Impact resistance

High hardness

Strong impact resistance

Rapid decoration

15 days after construction, the blank is nailed on the wall and directly checked in

long life

The service life of wood plastic wall panel material can reach 20 years

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