Home care and aging adaptation can not wait

2022-02-16 10:27

Home-based elderly care is the way many families choose at present, but the physical function of the elderly decreases. If the house settings and facilities are not suitable for old age, the elderly are easy to face the risk of falling down due to slippery ground and being hit by furniture edges and corners. So what kind of home environment and furniture facilities are suitable for the life of the elderly? Can we improve the safety and convenience of home-based elderly care by transforming the home environment, facilities and equipment? At the moment when China has entered an aging society, the aging transformation of home fitness has gradually entered people's vision.

An unexpected fall not long ago made Mr. Zhang realize that his 70 year old father was really old. "We are usually very busy. We can only come to see the old man on the weekend. That night, my father suddenly fell to the ground with a soft leg, hit the combination cabinet with his head, and fell into a concussion. Although it was only a minor injury, I still have lingering palpitations." This accident not only made Mr. Zhang worry about his father's physical condition, but also made him seriously consider the hardware of the house - the bedroom was empty, and there was no place to climb from the door to the bedside; The tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are too smooth and easy to slip; And the height of the toilet. If you go to the toilet for a long time, it's hard to stand up again... For a time, all kinds of invisible problems that you didn't pay attention to before come to mind.

Similar situations can be found everywhere in life. Li Wenjie, an expert in urban and industrial planning and deputy director of the history and Planning Committee of Tsinghua Real Estate Association, said that he had been exposed to thousands of such cases in the past two years.

With the highlighting of the characteristics of aging society, although the nursing home and apartment style pension model for the elderly were once considered as a modern social pension model, industry insiders believe that home-based pension is still the basis of China's pension service system due to the huge social cost, high fees and cultural differences.

Yue Jinglun, director of the Institute of social security and social policy of Sun Yat sen University, analyzed that in order to realize home-based elderly care, aging adaptation is the first problem to be solved.

So, what kind of home is suitable for the elderly?

It is understood that the transformation of aging adaptation is to make certain adjustments or modifications to the channels, living rooms, kitchens, toilets and other living places of special elderly families, as well as furniture configuration and detail protection, so as to be more conducive to the daily life of the elderly, such as passage, bathing, toilet and rest, and alleviate the life maladjustment of the elderly caused by changes in physiological functions, Of course, it can also help the elderly avoid personal injury. "Different from ordinary home decoration, the aging transformation needs to make professional evaluation on the original living environment and physical condition of the elderly, formulate design and carry out phased intervention and improvement, so as to ensure the safety, convenience and comfort of the elderly in home-based elderly care." Wang Shu, sales manager of the elderly friendly business service Co., Ltd., who is engaged in aging transformation, said, "at present, it mainly focuses on simple transformation such as installing handrails and mobile bedpans. With the in-depth promotion of the project, some consumers will further expand the content of the transformation."